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Joseph Zaro, our great grandfather, emigrated from Eastern Europe to New York City. He had big dreams and little means but was full of boundless determination to succeed. Joseph opened the first bakery in the Bronx which soon became a neighborhood staple, well known for delicious baked goods and a family-first experience.

In the 1950's, Joseph passed the business onto his sons, Phil and William. Enterprising young upstarts, they grew the business – and its reputation- throughout the NY area. In 1977, they opened in Grand Central Terminal, which has become the flagship bakery and where we made a name for ourselves for our reliability and quality in the hustle and bustle of New York City.

Now, in our 11th decade of operations, we continue to rely on old world recipes that have defined our family and business for four generations, making our baked goods from scratch, and focusing first and foremost on craft and quality.

Whether you know us by our name or your favorite location the goal is always the same: We aim to impress and make your day just a little bit better!

From our family to yours, we greatly appreciate your bakery order, and we hope you enjoy our treats!


Brian, Michael & Scott Zaro