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Joseph Zaro, having left his home and family in Eastern Europe, sailed to Ellis Island. We can only imagine what he thought and felt when he got his first look at Lady Liberty. What we do know is that he saw an opportunity to start one of the best bakeries in America. And he seized it.

Joseph’s sons, Phil and William, took the helm in the 1950s and diligently expanded the business and its reputation. In 1977, Zaro’s opened the first of its four Grand Central Station stores, followed shortly thereafter by stores in Pennsylvania Station and the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

Today, with 11 stores in the most competitive market in the world, Zaro’s is a household name in the New York Metropolitan area — which should come as no surprise. In addition to the unsurpassed quality of our baked goods, roughly 1.5 million people per day pass directly by our stores in the busiest commuter hubs in the world.

Nearly 85 years since Joseph Zaro came to America, we’re a fourth-generation family-owned and operated business. If you’ve never tried Zaro’s baked goods, we encourage to you to visit one of our stores. We welcome to the opportunity to impress you.