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Since 1927

When Grandpa Joseph Zaro opened his first bakery in The Bronx  in 1927, a lot was happening in New York City. Babe Ruth was on track to hit a lifetime 714 home runs. The Neil Simon Theatre (called The Alvin then) had just opened on 52nd Street. A lot has changed. But the Zaro family obsession with baking the finest breads and pastries in the city has not. Currently operated by the grandsons and great-grandsons of Joseph and his wife May, our nine stores send our signature black and white bags down sidewalks, over bridges, under streets, through tunnels, up elevators, down stairs, and—at the end of the day—home to millions of New York metro area dwellers. And we do it every New York minute of every New York day.

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Know a good thing when you taste it? We’ll bring Zaro’s quality—and by Zaro’s quality we mean food that meets our skyscraper-high standards—to your office, home, event, meeting, production, or business. Check out our extensive menu, which caters to tastes as diverse as New York City itself.

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Our business is inseparable from our family—great customer service is a personal Zaro family mission. We treat customers at every store location as if they’re stepping into an extension of our own homes—which is how Grandpa Joseph approached service at the original Bronx location. Over the past century, our family has perfected the art of friendly, honest service that’s also fast—faster than a New York minute, you could say. Side by side with our extended family of long-time, devoted employees, we serve bustling crowds of customers at nine stores throughout the New York Metropolitan area. Despite the fast-pace and high volume, we never miss a customer’s face in the crowd.

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