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House Coffee

For over 25 years our family has been working with a local coffee buyer and roaster, Abba Bayer and Scott Tauber of Brooklyn, to create our signature house blend. 

Abba has spent his life buying coffee all over the world. He works tirelessly to make sure Zaro's coffee beans always meet the highest of standards.

Scott takes the beans sourced by Abba and roasts them to perfection to guarantee our customers get the best coffee experience every day.


We have recently partnered with old family friends to provide our customers with outstanding espresso.  Path was started in 2013 by Jason Richter and Johnny Steverson. Path Coffee Roasters is committed to sourcing only seasonal coffees from small farms, making for the freshest and most flavorful experience.  After a rigorous selection process, Johnny  and Jason  roast each coffee slowly to caramelize their natural sugars, and bring out all the delicious characteristics inherent in each single origin. The resulting coffee is rich, complex and the most authentic representation of its growing region.