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Zaro's House Blend

For over 25 years our family has been working with local coffee buyer and roaster, Abba Bayer and Scott Tauber of Brooklyn, to create our signature House Blend. Zaro's Blend is a Full City Roast made with 100% Colombian beans. It's high in acidity, with citrus notes and a creamy body.

Central American Blend + Espresso Blend

Our partnership with the Ammirati Family of Caffè Ammi goes back 15 plus years. With their knowledge and coffee experience, we have created two blends.

Our Central American Blend is a full city roast with beans from Colombia and Honduras. It has currant and cedar notes with minimal acidity and smooth aftertaste. 

Our Espresso Blend plays on the traditional Italian espresso with progressive roasting practices. It's a medium roast with nutty notes sourced from Brazil, Honduras, and Sumatra.